In The Paradise of Too Many Books

Interview with Sean Dockray, first published in Mute.

Office Work

Section from Elephant & Castle

Networking Overload, with Potplants

An interview with Usman Haque about the Natural Fuse project.

Thinking in the Middle of Things

On the work of the participatory urban digital design agency, The Patching Zone. First published in Anne Nigten ed., ‘Real Projects for Real People, vol1.’, V2, Rotterdam, October 2010

Requiem for Cod

Video of a 1971 audio recording of cod mating signals being played to cod hatchling in the Thames estuary, 2010. Matthew Fuller & Graham Harwood.

Fun with Software A discussion with Annet Dekker and Olga Goriunova

Discussion about the Fun in Software and Funware exhibitions.

On the Usefulness of Anxiety, two Evil Media Stratagems

“Invite Everyone into the Spychodrama” & “Speak the Metalanguage of Metabolism”.

Pits to Bits, Interview with Graham Harwood

This interview follows on from a project called “Coal Fired Computers (300,000,000 Computers – 318,000 Black Lungs)” and continues to discuss databases and contraptions.

Help and Advice

Section from Elephant & Castle. First published by Mute

The Cat Seemed to Think There was Enough of it Now in Sight

Text for forthcoming book on Knowbotic Research, to be published by

Beat Blasted Planet

An interview with Steve Goodman on “Sonic Warfare”

Questioning Capitalist Realism An interview with Mark Fisher

Interview with Mark Fisher on ‘Capitalist Realism’

The Telephone and its Keys

Social telephony and organisational aesthetics discussed through projects of Harwood, Yokokoji Wright and others, for the, “Social Telephony Files”.

Think Twice

Science and art crossover

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